Affidavit Of Support Sample

What is affidavit of support sample?

Affidavit of support is given by the citizen of US to support an immigrant. Generally, the main concern of the US government while granting a visa to a foreign national is the financial issue. The Government wants the immigrants to survive on their own in the USA but it is really difficult in the beginning. For this difficult time while the immigrant is trying to settle in America, you can extend financial support. The affidavit of support form makes it official as you come under oath to help the immigrant financially by signing this affidavit. The financial support can be in any form such as arranging for their accommodation or giving them some monetary allowances etc. mostly it is the family members that are supported financially but it is not a rule that it has to be a family member. You can support any immigrant of your choice.

Contents of affidavit of support sample

The affidavit of support can be made by either a citizen of US who is supporting an immigrant or an immigrant who has someone I US who can and is willing to support the immigrant. The affidavit of support should have all the information about both the parties such as name, address, relationship to sponsor, country of residence, citizenship,, number of people accompanying the immigrant and most importantly a declaration that the sponsor is willing and has the ability to sponsor the immigrant with the date and signature at the end.

Affidavit Support Letter

Sample Affidavit Letter of

This Affidavit .

Affidavit Of Support Form

Support Letter Marriage


Financial Support Affidavit

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