Appointment Letter

Things to consider while writing an appointment letter

This is not the era where you can run a business without the proper paperwork. It is not just about paying taxes. You will also have to keep things clear with your clients and employees to avoid any conflict. Every promise you make and matter you agree on should be kept in writing. Thus, you should be very careful while handing out an appointment letter to the person you hired. Here are a few things that you should consider while preparing the letter.

The obvious thing is that you should check and recheck the grammar and spellings. It is not as much to avoid conflicts as it is to maintain your reputation. Even a slightest error can make you look like a careless company. The basic info like the company name, person’s name and the date, etc should be checked and rechecked.
The info like salary, date of joining, position, etc are among the disputed things. Many of the workplace related disputes are based on these things. So, you should make sure that everything is written correctly. Also, you should inform the person you are giving the letter to about these details.
Any other clause related to workplace accidents and eligible grounds for termination should be clearly mentioned. You can even consult a lawyer before finalizing all the details included in the appointment letter. Or you can also download a sample from the internet and just change the details. But you will have to be very careful while doing so.

Appointment Letter Template

Appointment Letter

Her letter of appointment:

letter of appointment bearing

Appointment letter from Wiley

Format Of Appointment

IBM Appointment Letter - The

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letter of appointment

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