Independent Contractor Contract Sample

Writing an independent contractor agreement

If you need a service for long term, you can hire a person or a whole team for the work. However, if the job is small and you need it just once or a few times, a better option is to hire an independent contractor. Such a person or firm will work with on a project to project basis. You will have to pay them after every job and rehire them when you need them again. While working like this, you have to be very careful about the job. First you need to ensure that the work is done exactly as promised and that the right amount of money is paid. And the best way of that is an independent contractor agreement. Such a legal document would contain things like details of both the parties, details of the work, responsibilities of the contractor, schedule of the job, fine applicable in case of delay, eligible grounds for termination and info related to settlement of disputes. The purpose of such a document is to protect the rights both parties.

Preparing this contract all by your own can be a little hard as there is all much info to be included and the language has to be flawless in order to avoid any problems. Thus you should use an independent contractor agreement sample to get a little help. This sample will contain all the essential info but with made up names. You will just have to edit the independent contractor agreement sample and get a print.

Sample Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor

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Sample Plumbing Contract Form

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