Marriage Affidavit Template

What is a marriage affidavit template?

Marriage affidavit template is a document that has to be signed in case the marriage certificate is lost or cannot be found. The marriage certificate is a legal document stating that two people are legally married and have all the rights and perform all the duties of a spouse. But many a time it happens that the certificate cannot be found as it gets misplaced or damaged. In such circumstances one must present to the authority that is asking for the marriage certificate, the marriage affidavit. The marriage affidavit gives a person the only way to prove that they are married by swearing in front of the notary public. It is kind of an written oath stating that the person they are living with or sharing his or her life with has been legally and ceremonially married to him or her.

Where is this affidavit required?

This marriage affidavit is required in the times when you have applied for a foreign visa or you are immigrating. The legal binding makes the producing of the marriage affidavit important and necessary. If you have lost your marriage certificate you must sign the marriage affidavit and prove your marriage. The signing of the affidavit of marriage has to be done in front of the notary public who will be require to sign the document after the signature of the person declaring his marriage. So, if you do not have the certificate to back your wedding ring you can still prove it by marriage affidavit.

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