Nonrenewal Of Lease Letter

What is nonrenewal of lease letter?

When a landlord does not want to extend the lease for his tenant due to either late payment of the rent or them being a nuisance in the premises or if the tenant does not want the lease to be extended due to the heavy increase in the rent or any other reason, then they must write a nonrenewal of lease letter to the other party stating the reason for the nonrenewal of lease, the desired date of vacating the house or the rented property and the method of payment of the security deposit along with its interest.

The Landlord

The landlord cannot just get the premises vacated from a problematic tenant but when it comes for the time of lease renewal the landlord can very well refuse to do so and determine a date of vacating the premises after which the legal action can be ensued. You just cannot tell someone to pack their bags and go and need to give them a grace period of 30- 60 days to search for another accommodation. In your letter you must be very clear of all the things that you expect the tenants to do failing which the legal course can be opted for.

The tenant

The rights of a tenant are also protected by the nonrenewal of the lease letter as it not only gives an opportunity to convey the grievances of the tenant to the landlord but also helps them ask for their security deposit along with the interest.

Sample Landlord's Notice of

Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease

Tenant Lease Non Renewal

Apartment Lease Non-Renewal

Sending a non-renewal of lease
Lease Non-Renewal Letter

Not Renewing Lease Letter

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