Photo Consent Form

What is photo consent form?

Photo consent form is a legal document which allows you to use someone’s photo whenever and wherever you might please. This form protects both the parties- the one to whom the photo belongs and also the one who wants to use the photo.

Who should use photo consent form?

The photo consent form should be used by all those who

Are taking someone’s photo for their personal use or any type of use for that matter
If you are a professional photographer and are likely to use someone’s photos.

This form has the power to make you the legal owner of the photograph that originally belonged to someone else after he or she signs the form. The verbal consent may seem enough but if by any chance the mind of that person changes then he or she may sue you for not taking the permission before using their photographs. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Contents of the photo consent form

This consent form must have following details to be effective

The name of the party who is giving the consent
The name of the party who wants the consent or in other words who is being given the consent
The details of consent
Signature of the party who is giving consent along with date written clearly

This form protects you from any form of legal action by the owner of the photograph or their family and friends.

Photo Consent Form Photo Consent Form Photo Consent Form Photo Consent Form Photo Consent Form Photo Consent Form

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