Sample Janitorial Contract

What should be included in a janitorial contract?

Things used to be very simple back in the days. All the professional relations used to be based on trust. Nowadays however you will have to get everything in writing if you want to protect yourself. And this even includes janitorial services. If you are hiring a company to keep your premises clean, you should have a contract prepared and get it signed. You can easily find a sample janitorial contract on the internet. Just download it and modify as per your requirements. Here are all the things that should be included in it.

Any contract starts with the same thing – details of the involved parties. It should contain their names, addresses or any such thing that can be used to identify them uniquely.
After that, you should add the work details in the contract. This includes the schedule, with time and days. It should also mention whether the service provider is responsible for cleaning the whole area or just a part of it.
Cleaning supplies are one of the most important parts of a janitorial contract. This mentions that which of the parties will provide the items, like paper towels, needed for the job.
Money is the root of most conflicts. So, you should very clearly mention the payment details in the contract. Start with the amount to be paid. Also mention whether it is monthly, quarterly or annual payment.

All these things are very systematically mentioned in a sample janitorial contract. But you should still check it carefully.

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