Sublet Agreement Template

What is sublet agreement template?

The sublet agreement template is a document that is essential for the people who are themselves living in a house on rent and still want to give a part of that premises to someone else. This has to be kept in mind that you will need to take the permission of the landlord for subletting the premises you are living on. This will cause you or the one who has been given space to live on sublet no hassles later on. Sublet agreement is between the primary tenant and the secondary tenant and this makes the primary tenant the landlord. This makes the primary tenant also responsible for any damage that is caused to the property by the secondary tenant and the secondary tenant is answerable to the primary tenant. This secondary tenant may be your relative or your friend.

The contents of the sublet agreement

The sublet agreement can be signed between the primary tenant and the new tenant after getting the permission from the landlord. The sublet agreement must contain the name of the primary as well as the new tenant, the duration of the lease, the various facilities that can be used by both and the duties that should be performed by both should be mentioned in detail so that later there is no confusion regarding what functions would be performed by whom.

Subletting is an important decision and if you plan to live with the secondary tenant then you must choose the tenant carefully so that neither you nor your landlord experiences any discomfort because of your decision.

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Sample Sublease Agreement Form


Sample Sublease Agreement

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