Sample Affidavit


What are sample affidavits?

Sample affidavits are the affidavits like any other affidavit and are designed to make the person who signs the affidavit swear or take an oath pledging that the information provided is true. The person who signs the affidavit may also be called as the deponent or affiant. The deponent, through the sample affidavit can certify something such as date of birth of someone or anything related to a document owned by the deponent. This is a kind of swearing by in front of the court of law in written that the signed statement is true and thus binds the deponent legally.

The sample affidavit will have a format in which almost all types of affidavit fit. For different types of purposes one may make changes accordingly. The main parts that are important are the name and address of the deponent and the subject of the affidavit.

One more thing that is important is that the affidavit has to be signed in the presence of a notary public, whose signature is then mandatory to attest that it was is in his or her presence and in all your consciousness that you signed the document and the public notary was the witness.

A few important things that you must keep in mind while framing an affidavit are:

  • It must be clear
  • It must be stating the purpose clearly
  • It must bear your signature
  • It must have the date mentioned on which the signature was made
  • The sign, seal and the registration number of the notary be clearly mentioned

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