Sublease Contract Sample

Sublease contract sample

A lease is the letting out of property to a party for a stipulated period of time in return for a payment. However, there are cases where the party who has been leased the property, enter into an agreement with a third party for the subletting of part or of the complete property. This is called subleasing.

A sublease contract sample is when an institution is leased a plot of land by the army for 99 years. They build for example a school on that land and they further lease out the grounds of that school for some occasion to a third party.

Another sublease contract sample is when a family takes a house on rent from the landlord. They then sublet one of the bedrooms to people who require paying guest accommodation. In this case, the people who are paying guests have to enter into a sublease contract with the renters. The renters have already entered into a lease and license contract with the owner of the house.

Incase the party or parties of individuals do not have permission to sublease – the sublease contract is null and void and cannot be contested in any court of law. A sublease contract sample which would be illegal is : If the renter is not allowed to sublet part or the entire property and he/she does so – even if the sublet person refuses to pay rent, there is nothing the renter can do. Infact, he/she may be evicted themselves for breaking the contract with the owner of the house.

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