Subletting Contract Template

Purpose of a subletting contract

There are often cases where a person takes a property on lease for a long period and after some time has no use for it. If the same has happened with you, there is a way to put the property to another use. You can lease it forward to another party. This will be called a sublease. To do this, you will need to prepare a contract for subletting the property. After it is signed, you will pass on all your rights related to the property to the new party. You may or may not need the permission of the landlord, depending on the original contract.

To prepare this legal document you need to download a subletting contract template from the internet. There are several good websites that provide these things for free. The template would contain all the info arranged in a proper manner. There will be blanks in the places of names, addresses and other such details. You will just have fill in these blanks carefully and get a printout. The most important thing to take care of is that the subletting contract template should be for your state. Sometimes the rules and laws vary in different states.

If preparing a document from a template seems to be hard, you can always take help from a realtor. They deal with such things all day. You can get the paper checked from them after filling the blanks. Or, you can just hire a lawyer and let her do the work.

Sample Sublease Agreement Form

Sample Sublease Agreement

Sublease Contract Template

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Subletting Agreement for

Sublet Rental Agreement

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