Truck Driver Contract Agreement

Truck Driver Contract Agreement

Truck drivers are employed to carry goods from one location to the other. Most companies use trucks as common modes of transport. As trucks are expensive assets to own and most companies will not be using the truck at most times, rather than purchasing trucks, they outsource the transportation of goods.

The outsourcing of transportation is done by Truck Driver Contract Agreements these are agreements drawn up between the company and the truck drivers to ensure that the goods reach safely and within the stipulated time. In exchange for this, the truck driver is entitled to a sum of money.

The points like the payment terms, the delivery terms, the unloading and loading terms and conditions are all elaborated in the Truck Driver Contract Agreement. The usual methods of payment is either based on the kilometers travelled or a lump sum given for the trip.

The Truck Driver Contract Agreement is of prime importance as the goods carried may or may not be insured. The goods carried, must reach without damage and/or pilferage. The goods also need to reach the destination within a stipulated time. The reasons for these are that they all fall under different contractual agreements.

The Truck Driver Contract Agreement is legally binding on both the company who has engaged the truck driver for transportation of it’s goods as well as the truck driver. Should there be a breach in contract, it is a criminal offence and can be taken up in the criminal courts.

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