Sample Waiver

What is sample waiver?

Sample waiver is a letter of waiver that is written by a person or a company to waive off one of their rights or the waiver letter can be written for someone for whom you would want to waive off some obligations. Waiver letter protects the person for whom the waiver letter is signed in case of any legal issues. Also, the waiver letter can be written to any authority to ask them to waive off the liability that may be on your shoulder such as banks or government and private agencies.

The waiver letter has a lot of legal power as this can be produced in the court of law as the evidence of non obligation or waiving off of the responsibility by the person who has filed the law suit. The waiver letter holds the person responsible for any kind of mishap or loss who has signed the waiver letter and exempts the owner or the person who will be held responsible for the same otherwise. For example if you want to drive someone else’s vehicle then the person may make you sign a letter of waiver stating that in case of accident the owner of the vehicle will not be held responsible and the whole responsibility will lie with the person who was driving. The owner can also not be made legally bound by the family members of the person who drives the vehicle in case of death of the person due to accident.

Sample Waiver Sample Waiver Sample Waiver Sample Waiver Sample Waiver Sample Waiver


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