Pet Sitting Forms

What are pet sitting forms?

Pet sitting forms are the forms that are supposed to be filled by the professional pet sitters. This is a mandatory legal document that protects the professional pet sitters if any legal action is taken by the pet owner. While pet sitting the pet sitter is expected to do many things by the pet owner but a few of the things may be unnecessary and impractical. Also, there may be a few things that you would not want to do during pet sitting while the other pet sitters might be doing that. This might cause tension between the pet sitter and the pet owner leading to a legal suit. So, in order to protect yourself and avoid such situation the professional pet sitters should get the pet owners to sign the pet sitting form.

Contents of the pet sitting forms

The services that you will provide for the pet during the time the pet is in your care
You must ask the owner of the pet about the medical history, any ongoing medications, their timings and any other history including that of the pet’s behavior.
Ask the owner of the pet about the routine of the pet- its feeding time, any toys, or any habit that the pet has or anything that it likes to do.
Also it is important that the pet remembers the rules that are set for its house so you must enquire about that too.
You must make it very clear to the client all the details about the charges and payment method and contact information in case of emergency.

this form for each pet.

professional pet sitting forms

Pet Sitting Contract Form by

"Client Information" form.

pet sitting template - Google

Pet Sitting Instruction

Does you pet sitter know what

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