Employment Agreement Contract Template

What is employment agreement contract template?

Employment agreement contract template is a legal document that specifies all the details regarding the employee who is taking up a job at your company. The employment agreement is important so that both the employer and the employee know about all the details of employment such as the salary, the perks that have been agreed upon by both the parties, the job and the duties of the employee and the confidentiality rules of the company. This agreement makes all the issues clear and thus is important for company as well as the employee. These things must have been talked about during the interview but then if the same things are written down and signed by both the parties it becomes not only legal but also binding as later no one can deny something which was agreed upon at the time of interview.

Contents of the employment agreement

The employment agreement must have these important points:
The basics of the employee and the company such as the name and address.
The wages or the salary that has been settled upon by the company and the employee.
Duties of the employee should be clearly mentioned in the employment agreement to avoid any misunderstandings later on.
The hours of work and provision of over time if any should be mentioned.
The perks that will be given to the employee need to be mentioned in the agreement too.

Employment Agreement Contract Template Employment Agreement Contract Template Employment Agreement Contract Template


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